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Video editing blog » 6 stock shot sites to discover!
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Recently I had a video editing job to do for a client regarding an order for product videos for Amazon.

I found myself with a script, text, photos, all to animate in a commercial way to create the desire to buy the products but the client had not included a stock shot!

From my point of view, there was a lack of video shots called “stock shots”. You know, quality video shots that allow us not to be limited in our realization because of lack of time, budget, bad weather or simply because you can’t afford to go shoot your shot on a beach in Copa Cabana.

To face this situation where we lack plans, I will talk to you about stock shots.

What is a stock shot?

Originally a stock shot was used in movies to avoid the cost of shooting expensive scenes.

The first use of stock shots dates back to 1903: the director combined rushes of fire trucks from the Edison catalog with scenes he shot indoors. Thus was born the first use of the stock shot to enhance a fiction.

What is your interest as a video director?

There are several interests in being a video director:

the quality because now the files exist in 720p format up to 4K
the speed because with a fiber connection you can download the stock shots quickly
the price which can vary between 5€ and more than 100€ or even free of charge.
the satisfaction of your customer to have quality shots without paying a lot of money for the shooting.

The goal is not to be limited by lack of budget, especially for marketing or for a YouTube channel, or even for a video clip.

How to work with stock shots?

The easiest way to do this is to go to a stock shot site and search for the type of shot you want. For example for a client on Youtube, I needed a stock shot for weight loss. I found a perfect 30 second shot for free. Then you just have to use the shot in your video editing software.

If you don’t know how, contact me!

Free VS Paid

That’s the interesting question! Both are good though, there is much more choice and quality in paid sites than in free ones. Everything depends on the use because in many cases on the free sites, a paying license is necessary for a commercial or public exploitation. On this point, be careful: look at the terms of use before making your video.

The 3 free sites I use regularly.

Pixabay : On this site the videos are of excellent quality with a 4k format. I really appreciate the search engine that allows you to search by category, by slowed down or accelerated effect and even animation or by resolution. It is really a site that I appreciate a lot.

Coverr : Great videos, and no need to register! Just click on Free Download and the video is yours! The icing on the cake is that all free videos come with a link to embed them on your website. And last but not least, they can be used freely for commercial projects.

Pexels : This site is known for the photo part and offers a video section. I advise you to look carefully because a lot of videos are filmed with smartphone in vertical mode, which is not very practical for editing in 1920×1080. And the shots are not all in 4k format.

The 3 paid sites that I use regularly.

Pond5 : Quality site with tons of videos, some of which are free. Take a good look at the price of the video you have chosen because the price can go from a few dozen euros to several hundred euros! Also pay attention to the choice of commercial or editorial use, and the format which covers from low definition to 5k+. A subscription formula is possible and as a bonus, the content is 100% exclusive: you will only find it at Pond5.

Adobe Stock : As a user of the Creative Cloud suite it is impossible for me not to talk about Adobe Stock for the stock shot. The platform has a huge choice of videos as well as animation and visual effects. You will have to pay about 64€ for a video in HD and 170€ for its 4k format. The stock shots are sold under enhanced license.

Artgrid : Site that works as a subscription with 3 offers :

Junior – HD at $24.95 per month for HD clips in H.264 format with Artgrid universal license, unlimited downloads and lifetime use.
Creator – 4K+ at $39.92 per month for 4K-8K ProRes + HD clips in H.264 format with Artgrid universal license, unlimited downloads and lifetime use.
Pro RAW/LOG $49.92 per month for RAW/LOG and 4K-8K ProRes clips + HD Clips in H.264 format with Artgrid universal license, unlimited downloads and lifetime use.

Artgrid is really made for a regular or important use without breaking the bank.

The last word on this article about stock shots

Now with this stock shot tip in mind you will not be limited in writing your scripts. Don’t forget to check with your end client on the purchase of stock shots because the bill can quickly rise and be out of budget. Of course, it is understandable that in the age of multimedia, many of my clients have a paying account to make their choices before the editing phase. And in an interesting way that avoids me to accumulate moments of visionnage of stock shot and to wait for the validation by the customer.

And above all I told you about the ones I use but there are many others like Shutterstock, Dissolve… It’s up to you to do your research on the internet to find the stock shot you need. Think that you can create your own stock shots to put them on sale via these platforms. For example, you own the rights to the high quality videos you shoot, thanks to your Adobe ID you can also become an Adobe Stock artist. It’s free, why not try it?

Cinematically, Francis

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