✓ Audio editing

✓ Pitch Correction

✓ 1 revision

✓ Delivery in 48 hours

Musical exemples

Before mixing

Mixing, without mastering

Advanced Mixing


Bring to your track a quality mix.

The Advanced Mixing service is performed in hybrid analog and digital mode.

  • Analog Audio Summing
  • Work on panning, volume, equalization, compression for instruments and voices, elimination of sibilants and plosives, reduction or elimination of breathing and mouth noises on voice tracks, voice adjustment with Melodyne or voice processing with Autotune.
  • Addition of reverb and delay.
  • Maximum number of tracks: 24.
  • Maximum number of revisions: 2.
  • Maximum track length: 4 minutes.
  • Delivered file format:
    • One stereo wav file 44,1khz – 24 bits.
    • A stereo MP3 320Kbps version.

Documents to be provided for the Advanced Mixing service:

Your multitrack audio files in wav format, not normalized, more info here.

  • The Tempo (BPM)
  • The key of the title

You can send me your documents by either: DropboxGoogle DriveWeTransfer

Delivery time:

48 business hours upon receipt of the order and the download link of all files validated by email.

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