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Here is what you need to know for a well done website redesign.

Website redesign
How to prepare the redesign of a website?

Redesigning a personal or professional website can be a good thing, since the structure of the site itself may, for example:

  • No longer correspond to what you want to offer visually.
  • Or maybe you need to improve the user experience?
  • Optimize for mobile and tablet devices?
  • Meet the requirements of search engine algorithms?

Regain visibility.

The lack of visibility of a site’s pages is most often due to insufficient SEO content.

You should know that a bad SEO score makes your website not appear on the first page of search engines.

This is always a problem when it comes to e-commerce.

When you know that most Internet users only view the first page of search results, performing an SEO audit of your site without delay is far from useless.

What is an SEO audit?

The SEO audit is a bit like the inventory of fixtures of a house. It makes a precise point of what is positive on your site, and of course of all that needs to be revised.

The SEO audit is essential to have an overview of your current site, its strengths and weaknesses.

This will allow to consider the redesign of a website or not.

From this audit, it is possible to set up a strategy to optimize the SEO of the site, its natural referencing on the web and consequently its visibility.


What is the technical part of a redesign of a website?

After the SEO audit, the detection of imperfections and bugs, the redesign itself is carried out with all the changes envisaged on the content such as the pages of your site, the articles of the blog, as well as the redirection of the pages, the netlinking and backlinking.

Today it has become simple to create a website with a CMS such as WordPress for example that suits your needs.

However, it should not be forgotten that the creation or redesign of a website requires technical skills. It is often more reasonable to entrust the work to a professional webmaster to have a good website that stands out.

Not to mention that your website must meet the requirements of Web Core Vitals.

Your new site must also be secured with https, to not to be penalized by search engines.

It also reassures visitors that they are safe on your site.

Once everything is good, the new version will replace the old one via migration. The site will be visible to the public and then it remains to promote it to attract visitors.

Reuse the SEO juice from your old site

The method consists in recovering a maximum of things from the old version, as well as the backlinks in place on this one, so as not to lose anything that exists. All these data represent the SEO juice (the identity of the site in a way) and are reused as much as possible.

The benefits

The redesign of a website offers many advantages, since it modernizes at all levels an aging site.

This important change also brings improvement with optimized loading time via caching tools, optimized content for SEO, while offering a new design more adapted (colors, layout better adapted, etc.).

The redesign of a site can also change the identity of a website and its content if necessary (change of corporate identity or activity).

The disadvantages

On the other hand, the redesign of a website can cause some technical problems during the migration between the old and the new version.
Some data can badly support the migration and not appear anymore (be lost)!
Also, a substantial modernization is likely to confuse visitors used to the old version. They may feel lost and not know how to navigate the site.
Finally, the traffic of a site “new version” may suffer from the change, and have significantly fewer visitors, while being less well placed, be aware that this is only temporary and that the new version of the site should rise within the next 3 months.

In conclusion of this article “Website redesign”

A redesign offers undeniable benefits, despite some disadvantages, to your website, since it helps to boost its visibility vis-à-vis direct competition and to thoroughly modernize it. It can clearly be a plus for you!

The important thing is to think about it and prepare for it.

If you are ready to take the plunge, click on the link below.

Sincerely Francis

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