Advanced Composition

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Music creation in expert mode

Advanced Composition, in all musical styles, your composition at an expert level to have all the chances on your side.


  • Structure of the composition in relation to the musical style.
  • Work of 10 instruments
    • Drum
    • Bass
    • Keyboards
    • synths (x 3)
    • Acoustic guitar
    • Electric guitar
    • Sound sample
    • Fx
  • Added reverb and delay
  • Number of shares: 1
  • Number of revisions: 2
  • Maximum title length: 5 minutes
  • Delivered file format:
    • 1 wav stereo file 44,1khz – 24 bits
    • 1 stereo MP3 320Kbps file

Documents to be provided for the Advanced Compositions service:

Your multitrack audio files in wav format, not normalized, more info here.

  • Musical Style
  • The Tempo (BPM)
  • The Key of the title
  • 2 audio files

You can send me your documents by either: DropboxGoogle DriveWeTransfer

Delivery time:

48 business hours upon receipt of the order and the download link of all files validated by email.

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✓ 10 instrument tracks

✓ Version 5′ max

✓ 2 revision

✓ Delivery in 48 hours

Examples of compositions:

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