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Summer Love the meeting of Frank Ten and Timson Band

First production of a Summer Dance title

Track 1: Vocal Edit Featuring Lou Green
– Duration: 7:12 – BPM: 120 – Key: Amin
Track 2: Instrumental Edit
– Duration: 7:12 – BPM: 120 – Key: Amin

Title composed by Frank Ten & Timson Band in 2013

Composition, recording, mixing and mastering.

Creation of the artwork.

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Who is Frank Ten?

Frank Ten is the artist name I use for everything that corresponds to electro, Edm, house, techno and minimalist music.

It’s a shortening of my first name Francis without the i and the s and the number 10 that I like very much with of course an English consonance hence Frank Ten.

Composing club music is fun, deciphering the codes of this type of music, working on the sounds and of course playing with synthesizers whether they are virtual or real.

Programming yes, but also playing, because this music which for some may seem simplistic has a great part of complexity and that’s what I like.

In this style of music, I don’t forget the sampling part which is the basis of the composition.

Making EDM tracks has led me to collaborate with Anglo-Saxon musicians and American singers.

Collaborating with people in another language helps to develop one’s skills, and it has allowed me to enrich myself from a human point of view, because music is a language.

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