Discover Wavetable from Ableton Live

Wavetable Ableton Live

Wavetable from Ableton Live is designed for sound designers and musicians, both professionals and beginners. The wavetable synthesis software offers you a high quality sound result from the samples you have selected and worked on thanks to its numerous features. Let’s discover here the elements that will allow you to work all your sounds in […]

Updated Ableton Live 11.

Ableton Live 11

As an annual ritual, I’m going to tell you about the Ableton Live 11 software update. This new version has been announced through the Ableton website but also through the media in the world of CAM. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the software is not yet available. Its commercialization is planned for the first […]

Explore Ableton Live 10’s Simpler

Simpler with loop

For those unfamiliar with Ableton Live 10‘s Simpler, let’s explore a virtual instrument that integrates the basic elements of a sampler with classic synthesizer parameter settings. Concretely simpler… Simpler includes some of the features of live clips such as Warp. Warp mode audio clip playback in Simpler automatically plays the loop at the tempo of […]

How to fully exploit the Ableton live 10 Drum Rack.


For all those who have Ableton Live, the Drum Rack is really a very interesting and powerful tool. Following a training session this month (thanks to Vincent for these questions) to help you discover the Drum Rack in depth. What is the Drum Rack? When you load an empty Drum Rack, you have this window […]

Choose Ableton Live 10


I decided to talk about Ableton Live in the blog after the release of version 10 Ableton manufactures software called Live. Live is a professional music sequencer that exists on OS X and Windows. It is a tool for composition and arrangement, but also for sound design. Its design and ergonomics are mainly intended for […]