Why buy sound banks?

Pourquoi acheter des banques de sons

 This is a question I was asked during lockdown following my previous newsletter. Buying sound banks, certainly, but which one or which ones? The market offers… Arturia Spitfire Audio Native instruments, Looploft et Sounds East West Sonuscore 8Dio Spectrasonics Heavyocity vienna symphonic library Uvi et bien plus encore… And your faithful servant in a very … Read more

Discover the MIDI standard and its future


 Maybe you’re from the generation that uses Ableton Live, Logic Pro X or Native Instruments’ Maschine? Are you familiar with the standard MIDI acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface? This communication protocol dedicated to music allows your synthesizer, master keyboard, drum machine… To communicate with your favorite sequencer, to allow you to compose your music. … Read more

KOMPLETE 12 ULTIMATE Collector’s Edition

Komplete 12

 Why am I talking about Native Instruments KOMPLETE 12 ULTIMATE Collector’s Edition? Native Instruments is a company that manufactures electronic musical instruments, mostly software, but also hardware. These are intended for professional musicians, producers, DJs or sound engineers, as well as home-studists. It was founded in 1996 and is based in Berlin. This article is … Read more

What is mastering ?


 In the merciless world of music, after having composed, recorded and mixed your track or album, there is a last step called the Master. Many do not know exactly what this term means. I will try to explain as simply as possible this decisive process that can bring the final touch to your musical production. … Read more

The drum

jouer de la batterie

 I decided to answer through the blog a question about drum tracks, and more specifically how to record them or how to compose them with plug-ins as software instruments. I have often heard that for many people, the most difficult thing to compose in a song is the drum part, and there are many tools … Read more