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Computer music blog » Choose Ableton Live 10
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I decided to talk about Ableton Live in the blog after the release of version 10

Ableton manufactures software called Live. Live is a professional music sequencer that exists on OS X and Windows.

It is a tool for composition and arrangement, but also for sound design. Its design and ergonomics are mainly intended for use in concert. It appeared on the market in 2001.

There are several versions of the software. The most complete is Ableton Live suite.

Choisir Ableton Live 10
Ableton Live 10 in live session

The configuration I describe is based on three criteria:

1: Ableton Live Controller

The most suitable controller for Ableton Live is the Push2. It is specifically dedicated to Live and manufactured by Ableton.

To use it since it was released, I am extremely happy with the changes that have been made to it. There is no better controller.

There are of course other controllers such as:


Novation Launchpad

It is also possible to use controllers that have a script to be operated with Ableton Live as Maschine and Maschine Jam of native instruments.The management via a controller dedicated to mixing is done with the Push2.

From my setup

I use a control surface: Artist Mix from Avid.
The implementation of this surface with Ableton Live is reduced to volume and panoramic.

Using Ableton Live with Push2 and Maschine provides an advanced composition and creation tool.

I must admit that this is what I use regularly. In addition, both can be interfaced in two ways:

– either with the Link mode.

– or with Maschine as a plug-in in Live.

2: Ableton sound card

I have never had a sound card problem with Ableton Live.

I still have a slight preference for sound cards UAD Apollo.

Ableton Live is a tool for the stage and if you want to use it with several outputs, it is important to think of a card made to do it.

Another important point: Ableton Live is really a software oriented to work with physical synths via midi and it is also a powerful tool for sampling…

So think of a card with enough inputs to connect your synths to….

When I work on sound design, my configuration is to use an Apollo Twin UAD on my MacBook Pro!

3: Ableton midi keyboard

On the keyboard side, you have a lot to choose from. From the simple midi keyboard to the keyboards with integrated pad, cursor and rotary encoder like the Novation Launchkey recognized in Live’s preferences.

Personally I work with the Komplete Kontrol S61 in my studio and I use on my MacBook Pro an Alesis v25 keyboard.

Many users are still on Ableton Live 9. I’m not going to go into the details of version 9 and get interested in version 10

Ableton Live 10.1

If you are considering buying Ableton, the version will be 10.1 (at the time of writing).

Be aware that the new features are more than interesting and useful to save time in our workflow.

Because a day only lasts 24 hours….

To avoid wasting time detailing them, you will find more info here and a description

For the information, I noticed a bug in version 10.1. The playback head disappears after stopping… From my point of view, it’s embarrassing, because we don’t know where we stopped in the project and if we forget to shift + space bar, the playback starts again at the beginning of the title ! In the studio, come again, but recently a client told me that it happened to him on stage! Under these conditions, it is even more difficult to manage, especially for the metronome counts with the other musicians!

For reflection

I like Ableton Live! It allows me to do many things, both in composition and sound design.  It still has flexibility, ergonomics and especially the Push2 to work, sample and allow you to jam sessions with Ableton Link !

Soon you will even be able to control your old synthesizers or your Modular in CV gate with CV Tools

Contact me if you wish an  Ableton Live training course, tailor-made, individual, according to your schedule.

And for those who doubt it, it is possible to compose, mix and master on Ableton Live 10…

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