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I’ve known about Logic Pro since the days when it was called Notator on the Atari created by the Emagic company, and back then everything was composed in midi without audio instruments! The software was bought by Apple, the Cupertino-based company, in 2002. The takeover caused quite a stir, as Logic users on PC would no longer be able to benefit from the development of their favorite STAN on Windows. Logic is the only CAM software for composing, mixing and mastering that exists exclusively on the Mac, apart from its little brother GarageBand.

This section on Logic Pro, part of the Computer-Aided Music blog, aims to give you the information you’ve acquired over 30 years in the business about this formidable and constantly evolving music creation software.

My experience with Logic Pro?

I’m a fervent user of it for my own musical projects and those of my clients. I’m involved at every stage of a project, as a composer, arranger, sound engineer and sound designer.

I’ve been an Apple trainer as a Mentor Trainer. Translator of Logic Pro books and articles. Speaker on Apple tools for various training organizations. And when I still have time, sound designer and sound bank editor!

I’ve produced over 200 tracks in all musical styles, from hip-hop and EDM to French chanson. At ease with both MIDI and audio. If you’d like to find out more about me and my background, please visit the “About” page.

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How to use the articles

The article format is not a course or training on Apple’s MAO tool. Certainly, I use the questions I’m asked during training sessions to provide answers that every Logic Pro user has or might have.

The articles cover topics such as audio plug-ins, MIDI plug-ins, music creation through the composition, mixing and mastering process. We’ll also talk about sampling and recording techniques.

One of the topics I often cover under different titles is workflow management and the use of keyboard shortcuts. Not forgetting to provide you with professional tips that I myself have been using for a long time, whether with the software tools or in their respective editors.

Then, to give you a good idea of the range of possibilities offered by this Stan, you’ll discover articles on synthesizers and virtual instruments, audio sound banks, third-party plug-ins such as Spectrasonics and their integration with Logic.

I also cover how the audio engine works with commercially available sound cards, not forgetting MIDI interfaces, keyboards and control surfaces.

It’s up to you to read the articles and make the most of them to increase your knowledge and the quality of your projects.

Do you have any questions about Logic Pro?

I certainly hope so! There are several ways to ask me:

  • Editorial requests on topics you would like to see covered, for example :
    1. Flex Pitch and Flex Time
    2. Audio effects and, of course, midi effects, not forgetting treatments and embellishments!
    3. Tempo, or the different ways to manage tempo in Logic ;)
    4. Quantization and tools and tricks for working the groove.
      Arrangement, working within a scale and tools for staying within the scale!
    5. The arrangement window, project management, file management.
    6. Settings such as latency or project alternatives are very useful for developing your project…
    7. Create your songs efficiently using the menu in each window.
      Musical notation, the score.
    8. Voice recording and processing
      recording, sound design, mixing…
    9. I’m also ready to tackle the use of Apple’s DAW for live performances in all styles…

I trust you to come up with ideas for topics to suggest to me…

  • Through the comments of the article about which you have one or more questions.
  • If you’d like to discuss a methodology or composition process, please send me an e-mail via the contact page.


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