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Video editing blog » Discover Final Cut Pro !
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An video editing program for professionals and individuals

Final Cut Pro is a virtual non-linear editing software, also called FCP. This application allows any user, professional or private, to work on the post-production of videos. The program offers a wide range of functions: editing, adding effects, transitions, text, audio and colors. It assures its users a video quality of up to 8k.

The history and evolution of Final Cut Pro

Bought in 1998 by Apple, Final Cut Pro has been given a total marketing overhaul. Apple’s objective is to make an editing program used by professionals accessible to individuals. Software used by Mac editors, Final Cut Pro had already proven itself in the professional world thanks to its efficient interface and its video image quality output.

With Final Cut Pro X, Apple takes a leap forward in video editing. The previous software, Final Cut Pro 7, required too many adjustments before starting to edit to be accessible to neophytes. Now focused on a progressive learning process, Final Cut Pro, which recently lost the X, has become a must-have software for editing amateurs. But professionals are not left out: numerous updates are made, all the already known settings are optimized, with a significant increase in the program’s graphic performance.

An editing tool for all your projects?

Whether you’re a web content creator, YouTube editor, or film professional, Final Cut Pro is for any video editor. The program is intended to be intuitive: users will quickly produce a neat and quality first creation, with a smooth and pleasant experience. Youtuber Levi Allen (179k) has made a video expressing his professional interest in Final Cut Pro.

Final Cut Pro offers all the tools you need to make a professional-quality video edit: each clip can be customized with a color on the timeline, trimming and cropping tools are just a click away, and video effects are just a click away with the search bar.

How to get started and train?

It is possible to train on Final Cut Pro in various ways, depending on your needs and learning preferences.

Online courses on Youtube and their free content.

Platform used worldwide, the various users offer their advice and tips for using the program to Internet users.

It is important to be critical of the information given. It is necessary to make sure that the video you are watching is the latest update of Final Cut Pro.

The Apple training

The training resources offered by Apple allow you to watch official tutorials created by renowned training services. The company also creates a communication space with industry professionals and offers courses on Final Cut Pro from an authorized training provider.

Online tutorials

It is possible to learn Final Cut Pro from organizations that offer paid online tutorials offer courses to master the editing program. The program includes importing and exporting videos, applying transitions, mixing audio elements and applying filters, etc. These courses, aimed at beginners as well as professionals, offer the possibility for everyone to reach an expert level of Final Cut Pro.

Is it an excellent value for its price?

Distributed virtually on the App Store, the software is priced at 329.99 euros, including updates. A free 90-day trial version is available to test the program. Six users can work with the purchase of the license. Additional software can be added to the program, under the name “Motion” and “Compressor”, each priced at 54.99 euros.

In conclusion

Final Cut Pro is a program linked to the Apple ecosystem that knows how to meet the simple needs of individuals, as well as web content creators, up to professional editors like me. It is a tool for video editing that I like a lot.

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