✓ ISRC Tag

✓ Analog and digital

✓ 1 revision per title

✓ Delivery in 72 hours

✓ Master Format DDP Offered

Examples of mastering:

EP Mastering


Your EP at the broadcast standard

Mastering EP, give your EP a dynamic and balance to enhance your production and obtain a quality and comfort of listening for streaming platforms.

Analog and digital mastering

  • Analysis of your audio file.
  • Work of the volume, equalization, dynamics, Stereo widening, Fade in and fade out, management of the bass and Loudness.
  • Adding ISRC codes
  • Maximum number of tracks: 5 tracks in Stereo or via Stems*.
  • Maximum number of revisions: 1/title
  • Maximum title length: 4 minutes
  • Delivered file format:
    • 5 stereo wav 44,1khz – 24 bits files
    • 5 stereo MP3 320Kbps files

Documents to be provided for the Mastering EP service:

Mixed audio files with a margin between -6 and -3dB, the audio file or stems must be in WAV format.

  • Tempo (BPM) for each track
  • The tone of each title
  • ISRC codes by title (request for code to be made to SCPP)
  • *Maximum of 8 Stems to be provided per title

You can send me your documents by either: DropboxGoogle DriveWeTransfer

Delivery time:

48 working hours upon receipt of the order and the download link of all files validated by email.

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