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Jump! by Hollow Tek


Jump! by Hollow Tek

Jump! a HardStyle track by Hollow Tek

Hollow Tek releases its first HardStyle track

Track 1: Jump!

Title composed by Hollow Tek in 2020

Composition, recording, mixing and mastering.

Creation of the artwork.

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Who is Hollow Tek?

Hollow Tek, is the artist name I use for everything that concerns Hardstyle music.

Yes I admit I love this music style. But maybe you are wondering where the artist name comes from?

The origin is very simple, I’m a fan of a manga called Bleach, in which the enemies of the Shinigami (God of death) are called hollows.

As the Hardstyle universe is close to the Techno one, I had fun to make a play on words between Hollow and Techno, hence Hollow Tek.

What I appreciate a lot in this musical style is the complexity of the work of the sonorities associated with a binary and ternary mixture at the level of the rhythmic signature.
The tempo used for this style varies between 150 and 180 BPM, which opens a large possibility for polyrhythmic work.

This also gives the advantage to combine electronic music with classical music and thus make very interesting musical arrangements.

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