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The Logic Pro X training for musician-composers reveals the potential of Apple’s software with a certified trainer. Stop counting the number of hits you’ve made with Logic and become your own producer. Take advantage of the amazing library of soundbanks for composing in all styles of music. With the Logic Pro X course, learn how to use the tools for music creation and grow your workflow. Learn about the audio and midi plug-ins, virtual instruments included in Logic, and how to use them to create your own sound design in your music production.

For who?

Trainings for musicians composers, song writers, DJs, beat makers, arrangers, sound engineers, technicians, self-entrepreneurs.
Professionals and hobbyists, wishing to master Apple Logic software.


Have a basic understanding of how to use a Mac.
Musical practice is a plus.


Covered within the framework of vocational training.
Preferential rate for auto-entrepreneurs and consumers.
For more information please contact me. ​

Date of training

Courses are open all year round.
All training courses are accessible on an individual base.

Logic Pro X

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Which Logic Pro X training to take?

Logic Pro X training:

4 learning levels are available.
Dedicated software course for composition, mixing, mastering and sound design.

Logic Pro X CEMM course:

Acronym for Compose, Record, Mix, Master.
This is the complete stage including Native Instruments Komplete, Apollo cards and Universal Audio plug-ins.

You will learn

Discover in your Logic Pro training course the different tools of this composition software, its use for mixing and mastering recording sessions.
Learn how to compose with the virtual synthesizers provided by Apple.
Use a midi keyboard to drive the virtual instruments and a control surface to manage your mix.
Understand the use of Aux and Bus Stack tracks.
Master audio processing and enhancement enhancements.
Set up an efficient working methodology.
Work from presets and save settings.
Process the sound to achieve the sound design of your composition and arrangement.


Your workstation is equipped with a Macbook Pro with Apollo Twin sound card, Se Electronic 2200A microphone, Native instrument keyboard and a Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro headset.

Your trainer

I will be your only trainer with more than 20 years of experience, I am at your service.

I needed to deepen the use of my Logic Pro-based workstation. The training given by Francis, a competent trainer, allowed me to make rapid progress on my compositions.

Marc A. Guitarist

Composer on Logic Pro X, I needed to deepen my knowledge of the software and develop an efficient workflow.
Thanks to Francis now my set and work processes are optimized.

Bruno D. Music Composer

Through Apple’s official page discover Logic Pro X