Mixing Mastering EP 5 Titles


After the steps of composition, recording, arrangement and editing your tracks are ready to go to the next level: Mixing and mastering!

You are a songwriter, a DJ and you have composed several tracks but not enough to make an album.

There is the possibility for your musical production to take my Mixing Mastering EP 5 Titles service.

Understand by the term EP an Extended Play, a musical format comprising more tracks than the single which comprises at least one and less tracks than the album which contains between 10 and 12. However, it is possible that an audio production in album format in digital version contains more than 12 tracks like the vinyl or CD versions which are limited in terms of recording time because of the physical medium.

Pack Mixing Mastering EP 5 Titles! Your EP in high quality audio ready for CD pressing and distribution on online sales platforms and streaming.

My work as a sound engineer in my professional studio makes you save on the production of your EP thanks to this Mixing Mastering EP 5 Titles offer!

What is included in the Mixing Mastering EP 5 Titles offer?

Included in this online audio mixing mastering EP 5 Titles offer:

Concerning the mixing

  • The mixing works of the equalization for the treatment of the sounds in the mix, the management of the dynamics, the panoramic for the placement in the stereo image and audio treatment via the reverb and the delay.
  • Working with lead and harmonized vocals, using Melodyne for correction or effect.
  • Synths, digital, analog or virtual keyboards
  • The treatment of acoustic or electric guitars, distortion, amps or amp simulators.
  • The intervention of the bass line whether it is acoustic, electric or electronic.
  • The correction of masking and frequency effects, the management of the phase of your recordings with several microphones. Management of audio tracks.
  • Verification of audio editing with digital click detection, fade in and fade out work.
  • Volume automation according to clips, arrangements…

Concerning the mastering audio

  • Mastering, work on the coherence between the mixed tracks, levels, loudness, refinement of the equalization and treatment of the left right balance of the master tracks
    • Addition of ISRC codes
    • Insertion of tags in MP3 encoded files.


  • Number of tracks: 5 tracks
  • Maximum number of revisions: 1 per track
  • Maximum track length: 4 minutes
  • File format delivered :
    • 5 stereo files in wav 44.1 Khz 24 bits format
    • 5 stereo files in MP3 format encoded at 320 Kbps with title tags and ISRC code and encoding of the EP cover in the MP3 file
    • Master Format DDP for CD pressing included

If you wish a delivery in different formats, please specify it when ordering.

The export of Stems is possible on study according to your project.

Documents to provide for this service Mixing Mastering EP 5 Titles :

Please do not send me any project from Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio.

I need your audio files per track with a margin between -6and -3dB, the audio data must be in WAV Pcm audio format with a sampling rate of 44.1 Khz and a depth of 24 bits, the file size does not matter.

Audio files in Wma Flac, Ogg, Aac, M4a format being compressed formats will not be validated to be worked on because converting files in these audio formats generates a loss of quality that alters the audio quality to be delivered.

If you have files in high resolution of type 96 Khz, 32 bits, thank you to contact me before placing your order.

  • The tempo (BPM) of each track
  • The tone of each track
  • The ISRC codes for each title. The code requests are to be made to the SCPP
  • Maximum of 48 tracks per title.
  • Tags of the titles and cover of the EP in Google doc format and in jpg media.

You can send me your documents by, at your choice: Dropbox – Google Drive – WeTransfer.

Delivery time :

7 business days upon receipt of the order and the download link of the validated set of files by email.

How to prepare your mixing session ?

For more information about preparing your tracks you can read this article on my blog.

Why choose the Mixing Mastering EP 5 Titles service?

I have been working in the sound business for 30 years and my recording studio has evolved over time and technologies to become a mixing studio but also a mastering studio. With more than 200 titles to my credit, my know-how and my mastery of audio processing, summing and monitoring tools allow me to obtain an audio quality worthy of the greatest studios without paying the price. Thanks to my audio technique based on the best of digital and analog.

My clients choose this service for :

The sound quality – The price – The attention I pay to their project – The availability – The friendliness – The professionalism – The efficiency – The result – The audio and editing tools I use – The digital audio file formats.

Examples of mixed and mastered EPs.

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