Audit - Consulting - Maintenance

The Audit Consulting Maintenance service allows you to benefit from my technical assistance for 1 hour.

Need advice before buying studio equipment?

A problem using your MAO software?

Are you blocking the installation of a plug-in?

The connection of your equipment does not work?

So many questions that can prevent you from focusing on the work of music production!

No need to travel anymore! Save you time (and money)! This is the purpose of this technical support service by phone or with TeamViewer and for those in the vicinity by making an appointment.

In conclusion, Audit Consulting Maintenance is the service to free you from the hassles and worries of MAO and audio engineering and allow you to compose more serenely.


Freddy T: I’m not a computer expert and installing all my plug-ins and software on my Mac mini is a time-consuming task! Fortunately this service allowed me to delegate this work and get my computer optimized to play live.

Patrice B: Following the purchase of a virtual instrument, the sound banks were not installed correctly. Remotely via TeamViewer francis took control of my computer and in one hour put everything back in place. Since then, my virtual synthesizer has been working perfectly.

Jean Luc R: While searching on the internet I came across this service. This is very timely because I was looking for a storage solution for my home studio. Half an hour after having Francis on the phone, he offered me the solution that has since allowed me to work quietly.

Delivery time:

By appointment upon receipt of the order, within 24 hours on working days.