FB Acoustic Bass Drums Tuned Vol1

FB Acoustic Bass Drums Tuned Vol1 here is my first collection of fully tuned acoustic bass drums!

Use them in your Hip Hop, Trip Hop Trap and Pop, Funk, Rock, Disco, EDM, Drum&Bass, Epic, Jazz, Electro, Jungle, Chillstep or Heavy Metal productions with no style or genre limits!

Use the notes in English notation in the file name to match your bass drum to the tone of your composition! Eliminate friction with the bass!

All FB Acoustic Bass Drums Tuned Vol1 files are in stereo in WAV 44.1Khz – 24bits format.

A bank with a total of 95 hits of bass drums made with a DW5000 pedal.
The recordings come from different brand acoustic drums such as Tama, DW, Ludwig, Yamaha, Gretch, Sonor and Pearl.
Recordings made with several microphones and different transistor and tube preamplifiers.
The samples are worked with hybrid audio processing between digital and analog.

Use WAV files with any MAO software such as Logic Pro X, Cubase, ProTools, FL Studio, Studio One, Reaper !  Read the samples with Ableton Live 10 Sampler! Load the WAV files into Ableton’s Drum Rack and Simpler! Load the WAV samples into Kontakt from Native Instruments! Use WAV samples in Native Instruments Maschine !