FB EXS24 Real Piano

FB EXS24 Real Piano! An acoustic piano bank that brings realism to your compositions in all styles like pop, rock, epic, dance, hip hop and trap.

– 1 Preset of 88 notes on 4 velocity levels ready to use, instantly available via the EXS24 menu.

– 1408 High-quality samples meticulously recorded in 24-bit 44.1 kHz Aiff format with the best analog and digital tools.

Tones from a Yamaha quarter-tail piano recorded with 6 microphones (SE2200 – AT4041 – U87 – E609 and Preamps such as 2-610 – DMCL – XLogic – 8801).

FB EXS24 Real Piano contains 8 Patches created with Logic Pro X’s processing tools such as Channel EQ, Compressor, Stereo Delay, ChromaVerb, to facilitate your composition work and sound experience.

List of patches

01 Piano Full
02 Piano Deep
03 Piano Far West
04 Piano Mellow
05 Piano Grammophon
06 Piano Outer
07 Piano Cinematic
08 Piano Sweet

An instruction file for installing the sound bank including presets, samples and patches is included in the downloadable file.

This bank, works exclusively on Apple’s Logic Pro X and GarageBand software.

demo from FB Patch collection any without additional processing. (For your information the piano track is accompanied by other instruments that are not part of the sold bank).