Pro Mastering

This Pro Mastering brings quality to your mixes and allows your compositions to make a difference to your listeners and online sales and streaming platforms.

Hybrid analog and digital hybrid mastering

  • Work on volume, equalization, compression, dynamic analysis, stereo expansion, input and output fade, loudness management.
  • text and ISRC tags on the wav and MP3 file
  • Encoding the Art album on the MP3 file
  • Maximum number of tracks: 1
  • Number max of revisions: 5
  • Limit title duration: 6 minutes
  • File format delivered:
    • 1 stereo file wav 44,1khz – 24 bits
    • 1 stereo MP3 320Kbps file

Documents to be provided:

The Mastering Pro service requires a mixed audio file with a margin between -6 and -3dB, the audio file must be in wav or Aiff format, not standardized or your audio stems in WAV or AIFF format, not standardized.

a text or pdf or Evernote document containing:

  • your ISRC code
  • track name, artist name, composer name, author name, track number, genre, publisher/label
  • Tempo (BPM)
  • The chord scale of the title
  • Your art album in 3000×3000 pixels.

You can send me your documents by, at your choice:


Google Drive


Delivery time:

4 working days after receipt of the order and the download link for all files validated by email.


Instrumental mixed according to the customer’s instructions, without mastering.

Mastered Instrumental