Sound Design

Sound Design is not a new concept.

It’s for example:

  • the sounding of:
    • an action (the roar of the T-Rex or Godzilla, the explosions of a war, or the passage of an intergalactic spaceship)….),
    • of a video animation,
  • the ringing tone of your smartphone,
  • the sound emitted by your tablet, when you press an application key or during an action on a website.

More simply it can be the sound bank of your workstation synthesizer (Motif Yamaha – Korg Karma – DTX700 Yamaha…)

Customized creation of a Sound Design for your YouTube channel, to integrate into your application, video game, a short or feature film or the creation of a sound bank for your Synth/Sampler.

  • Analysis of the image and theme of your project.
  • Recording, sampling and sound processing.
  • Creation of the design on your document.
  • Maximum number of animations to work on: 4.
  • Number max of revisions: 3.
  • Limit working time of the animation: 3 minutes.
  • File format delivered:
    • 1 stereo file wav 44,1khz – 24 bits.

Documents to be provided:

Your specifications in text, Pdf or Evernote format.

Your audio file in Wave or Aiff or CAF format

You can send me your documents by any means you wish:

  • Dropbox link
  • Google Drive link
  • WeTransfer link

Format for synthesizers, Electronic Drums, Workstation:


  • Motif
  • Montage
  • DTX700 Series


  • Karma
  • Kronos

Format for audio software:

Logic Pro X

  • EXS24
  • Kontakt

Delivery time:

5 working days after receipt of the order and the download link for all files validated by email.


  • Synthesized sound bank (extract from an arpeggiator)

  • Voice of Orc

  • Monster growl in a cave