Soundtrack Composition

Soundtrack Composition service allows you to order one or more music in all styles such as Epic, but also in all current styles.

Whether it is for a visual support, for your Show, a video for your YouTube channel, a short or feature film, institutional film.

To understand, it is a service dedicated to the image or a visual scenic representation and that outside the musical style, I am obliged to follow a narrative or a thread.

  • Analysis based on a theme, a video, a story board.
  • Composition, recording, arrangement, mixing.
  • Maximum number of tracks: 16.
  • Number max of revisions: 5.
  • Limit duration of the title: 5 minutes.
  • File format delivered:
    • 1 stereo file wav 44,1khz – 24 bits.
    • 1 stereo MP3 320Kbps file.

This service may be required:

The Standard Mixing or Pro Mixing option
The Pro Mastering or Standard Mastering option

In this case, do not hesitate to ask before ordering the service via the contact form

Documents to be provided:

For the soundtrack composition service, please provide me as a Text or Pdf file:

Your musical style, example: Rock – Pop – EDM – Hip Hop – Salsa…
The desired atmosphere: sad, anxious, victorious, joyful, festive…

A video file with a conductive line according to the editing.

You can send me your documents by any means you wish:

  • Dropbox link
  • Google Drive link
  • WeTransfer link

Delivery time:

5 working days after receipt of the order and the download link for all files validated by email.


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