Vocal Hooks

What is a “Vocal hooks“? It is simply the work of a sample of your voice to create a sound effect that brings a modern and up-to-date touch to your music, whether it is for Dance, EDM, Trap or your Pop Rock song. Custom creation of Vocal Hooks from your voice recording.

  • Work on the analysis of your voice and the instrumental, research and editing of voice portions.
  • Sampling and sound processing, placement in the chorus or drop.
  • Added reverb and delay.
  • Maximum number of tracks: 1.
  • Number Max of revisions: 2.
  • Limit duration of the title: 4 minutes.
  • File format delivered:
    • 1 stereo file wav 44,1khz – 24 bits.

Vocal Hooks service may be required:

In this case, do not hesitate to ask before ordering the service via the contact form

Documents to be provided:

A Text or Pdf file with:

  • The tone of your song
  • The tempo

A Stereo file of the instrumental to adjust the voice in a rhythmic and harmonic way.

A Stereo or mono file of the voice on which to apply the effect.

Delivery time:

2 working days after receipt of the order and the download link for all files validated by email.