Samuraï by M36


Samuraï by M36

Samuraï a Trap track with Japanese sounds

M36 merges Trap with Japanese instruments

Track 1: Samurai

Title composed by M36 in 2019

Composition, recording, mixing and mastering.

Creation of the artwork.

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Who is M36?

Pseudo more or less original that I use for all the music of the urban universe hip-hop Trap and also Trip Hop.
This artist name is a play on words with Francis converted into 36 and the initial of my daughter’s name, Maëva, my first fan.

What fascinates me in these musical styles is the mixtures that can be achieved.

Sampling has an important part from vinyl, but also from ambient noise recording, beatbox, sound processing, a whistle or a subway beep can become an incredibly effective melody.

Not to mention voice processing, with or without Autotune.

Adding synth sounds from EDM music makes for an interesting mix, as does recording violin or acoustic guitar in a classical style or rock riffs or powerful electric guitar chords.

I like to say that these styles are of a complex simplicity where the voice, the flow and the rhymes prevail.

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