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SEO natural referencing

In addition to the quality of your site’s design, I’m also concerned about its presence on the Internet.

Because without good Google referencing, your site, products and services won’t be found on search engines.

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That’s why, for the past two years, I’ve been doing SEO in Saumur, Cholet, Tours, Poitiers, Angers and Chinon, as well as for customers all over France and abroad!

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Search engine Google and others

When you do a search on Google, bing or Yahoo, the first search results that appear are the best referenced ads and web pages.

We also see articles or products containing reviews and a good rating, this is called a featured snippet because it refers to a box displayed at the top of the page of Google search results, and in which is the answer to a specific question, searched by an Internet user.

Do you know that your site can be referenced?

You don’t have to be a multinational to benefit from quality SEO.
We will address together your SEO strategy through the following points:


Search Engine Marketing which requires two components:


      • Search Engine Advertising is the publicity via Google Adwords.


      • Search Engine Optimization, with the objective of optimizing your website for Google, Bing and many others. This is what we call SEO natural referencing. SEO is a set of optimization :
        • On your site (on-site) where we focus on the technical part (responsive, speed, robot.txt …) and on the part called SEO on-page through title tags, meta descriptions, Hn tags, ALT attributes for images …
        • off-site, i.e. external links, comments, notes… All this translates into the integration of your site into the internet ecosystem.
        • Local referencing through Google My Business.


      • Social media optimization means using social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, to bring new visitors to your website. It is a complementary strategy to SEO.

How to do its SEO natural referencing ?

Let’s start with an audit.

Through a careful analysis, I point out the positive aspects to be pursued and the negative points to be worked on, the need for a paid referencing (SEA) to reinforce the natural SEO because this consideration of sponsored links is perhaps important according to your customers.

What is the audit based on?

To perform the audit of your website, I need access to your Google Analytics and Search Console account.

Never created them? Don’t worry, I’ll do it for you.

The objective being to find the flaws of your site, I will ask you for a temporary access to your back-end to check the following points:

  • Verification of the security of your site.
  • HTTPS protocol.
  • Theme and extensions update.
  • SEO tools used on your site.
  • The Robot.txt file.
  • The Sitemap of the site.
  • Backup of your site.
  • Minification of Javascript and CSS files.
  • Cache Management
  • Using a CDN
  • Your rating in the Web Core Vitals on computer and mobile.
  • Loading speed on computer and mobile
  • Checking the Hn tags.
  • Analysis of title metas and description metas.
  • Lossless compression of images in webp format.
  • Alt tag management for each image on the site.
  • Duplicate content.
  • The positioning of your keywords in relation to the number of pages on your site.
  • Your crawl budget.
  • 404 errors and redirects.
  • Comment management.
  • Rating of items and/or products.
  • The quality of your pages and your articles, the relevance of your keywords.
  • The positioning of your competitors on the same keywords.
  • Opportunity to build backlinks

After the audit?

Following this audit we have a telephone conversation to review and see with you your objectives and the strategy to put in place over the long term.

At the end of our exchange, I propose to write a quote for the implementation of your natural referencing.

Does the SEO audit pay?

Yes, on average an audit costs between 80€ and 280€ depending on several criteria such as
The number of pages
News, a blog containing articles published regularly
Products or services on sale
Whether the site is multilingual in  English and French or another language
Its responsive display on computer, tablet and smartphone.
The types of social networks used.

However, if you decide to have me do the referencing work, the invoice for the audit will be deducted from the estimate.

How long does it take to see the result of the referencing?

If the improvements are made, it takes about 5 weeks to measure the impact on search engines. However, depending on the strategy used, it can be measured in less time through orders or requests for quotes from your customers. It is during this time that you will have to monitor and analyze your metrics to develop your presence on the internet and develop your turnover.

Perhaps now you see the term SEO differently?

You need web referencing?


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