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Where is the shift key on a keyboard

Small news this tuesday, because someone asked me a question ! where is the shift key on a keyboard ?

First I asked on PC or Mac? Hiding that it doesn’t change much since they are located more or less in the same place.

Anyway the symbol of the shift key is the same, so don’t worry if you have to work on both types of keyboards.

o answer the question, here are the answers in pictures

On a PC keyboard

Clavier PC add

On a Mac keyboard

Clavier Mac add 1

This key is dedicated to write in capital letters. It is often used in software as a keyboard shortcut, i.e. a set of keys to perform a basic function. You know for example :

  • On PC: Ctrl + Shift + N : to create a new folder
  • On Mac Shift + Cmd + N : to create a new folder

I hope I’ve answered the question! Now get to your keyboards to write texts or speed up your production flow with keyboard shortcuts, I’m going back to my multimedia creations…


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