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Request a quote for an SEO Audit

Reveal your website’s potential with a targeted SEO audit.

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SEO audit quote

So that your website is visible on the web !

Your website does not meet your expectations?

You have carried out the realization by a third party of your website, your E-commerce, or a showcase site, a blog. After several months or years of online presence, you do not get a satisfactory return. Maybe it’s time to work on your natural referencing and to do an SEO audit?

What is an SEO audit

Auditing a website is to make a diagnosis of your website with a careful analysis to measure its performance in the following areas:

  • The technical part
  • The user interface, which is called the UX
  • The keywords.
  • The search intentions
  • The content with long tail keywords.
  • The semantic cocoon
  • The backlinks
  • The positioning of your competitors

How to do it?

Option N°1 : do it yourself but this implies having the necessary knowledge and tools to perform the audit.
Option N°2 : delegate me the realization of your SEO audit because I use 6 tools to analyze your site the 2 main ones are SEMrush whose reputation is well established and Screaming Frog SEO Spider powerful site analysis software.

To my knowledge, there are no miraculous tools to get a free audit.

To perform the audit of your website, I need access to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts.

What is the cost?

This is the right question because an audit will depend on the following factors:

  • The address of your website.
  • Do you have a site in Http or Https?
  • Do you know how many pages your site contains?

Here is a small tip to know approximately the number of pages of your site.
In the navigation bar of Google, Firefox or other, type “” for example for my site it will be like the image below :

Google info page

Be aware that there are certainly more pages on your site and that probably not all of them are indexed.

To make my quote, I work from the following elements :

If you’d like to know more about SEO, I invite you to discover a page on my website that explains the subject.

And if you’d like to find out more, read the article “The truth about SEO and SEA“.


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