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In the digital age, the accelerating technology never ceases to bring us its share of inventions and innovations. 

Podcast is one of the most popular among Internet users. What does this word mean? What can it bring to your business? Here is an overview of the subject.

What does the word Podcast actually mean?

For the record, the word podcast comes from the contraction of iPod and broadcast. It is the British journalist Ben Hammersley who used the word for the first time in 2004. Apple then popularized it by introducing it in its iTunes software.

The word podcast refers to an audio or video recording published on the web. It can be presented in different forms: as a tutorial, a radio program, a TV series or the retransmission of an event.

A podcast allows you to develop very detailed informative content to be distributed in an entertaining way. It can be downloaded via a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. Your target audience can listen to it online anywhere and anytime, on a recurring basis. With the loyalty power of the audio format, it’s a real boon for your business. So go for it!

How to create a podcast?

Définissez le type de podcast de votre choix parmi les trois formats les plus courants:

solo, where you record yourself on a given topic
interview where you invite a person to answer questions on a specific topic
round table where you invite different people to speak in turn.

Choose your branding.

This is the name, logo and description. It is best to choose a short and simple name to be easily pronounced and remembered. The name and logo represent your identity, your image and your reputation. A short, but impactful description is a must.

The material

The equipment needed for the recording should be aimed at good sound quality. You need one or more microphones and as many tripods if you are filming. With a pop filter on your microphone, the recording quality will be optimal. This limits the recording of plosives.

You also need a good recording software. Personally I use Logic Pro, but it can be done with GarageBand on Mac or Adobe Audition, Audacity on mac and PC… The list is long.


That’s right! Prepare your audio elements methodically:

An introduction that consists of a brief presentation of the subject.
An outro that contains thanks and a call for a note on the platforms.
Sound design effects to give relief.
An advertising jingle if the episodes are long and you have a training or a service to sell for example.

Editing and publishing

This is a must. Editing allows you to cut out passages you don’t want to make public, waiting passages and unnecessary interjections. If needed, you can rework passages or add a custom part. This is also where you add the intro, sound design and conclusion.

Beyond editing, there is also mixing and mastering if you’re not sure, it’s a job I do for different clients with an all-inclusive offer: Editing, editing, mixing and mastering in wav and MP3 format.

The Publication

Once the work is done, all that is left to do is to publish it on the different podcast platforms.

For this, choose a media host like :

  • Anchor
  • Acast
  • Simplecast
  • Captivate… the list is also long.

It will be used to store your mp3 and create your podcast feed.

What are the benefits of a podcast for your business?

The low cost of production compared to its video counterpart makes the podcast an informative, stimulating and relaxing medium. By seducing Internet users, it can bring a lot to your company.

1) Build a new audience

The podcast is designed as a gateway to a target community in a content marketing strategy. Your new audience is made up of people who primarily consume portable content in audio format.

2) Generate traffic

Another advantage of the podcast is that it brings value to your audience, for free. It can also generate traffic to your website or blog. Through your podcast, you can encourage people to visit your site.

3) Boost sales

The podcast allows you to position yourself as an authority in your field. It gives you the opportunity to persuade consumers to buy your products.

4) Retain listeners

Your audience identifies with a voice and a style. This intimate connection with your audience puts the odds in your favor. At a certain level of engagement, listeners are no longer bothered by ads. Very often, they buy a product after hearing about it in one of the podcast episodes.

5) Develop the notoriety

This is the main objective of any company that embarks on the podcast adventure. It’s an effective and essential branding tool. It creates a relationship of trust between your brand and your audience.

The conclusion of this article “Why Make a Podcast?”

Technology and digital technology have increased the distribution channels tenfold. The success of the podcast since its appearance is justified by many advantages. Companies have understood these advantages and are creating their own broadcast channels.

But don’t get lost in this, making a podcast must correspond to a target of customers and this requires a market study, and a recurrence in the publication of episodes. It is possible, from the experience of one of my clients, that your podcast will not be financially profitable until 2 or 3 years after you launch it. The time it takes for your audience to develop. Be patient and don’t give up… And don’t forget to communicate about your podcast!

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