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Video editing blog » To know about Youtube thumbnails
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An indispensable element in the world of video on Youtube, the so-called “YouTube thumbnails” is a simple way to optimize the visibility of your video presentation, your Vlog or the description of a product and thus increase its number of views.

The origin:

At first it was also called the thumbnail, but its real name is the YouTube thumbnail. Your thumbnail is usually an image version extracted from the video in a reduced format.

This description tends to change with the practices of the Youtubers, because now it is important to generate views on a video to get some income.

How does it help me to have a YouTube thumbnail?

Let’s take a very simple example: you want to go see a movie because the poster caught your eye while you were at the bus stop.

Well, here’s why it’s going to be useful for you to have a YouTube thumbnail! To make the audience want to watch your video.

This will still impose some rules on you. Of course, you will have to have quality content.

In the world of marketing, performance is a must. You need to create dynamic, attractive thumbnails. Understand that a beautiful image encourages clicks, as opposed to no image at all or a poor quality image, even blurred…

Don’t put a YouTube thumbnail?

Well, YouTube will simply use an image of your video. Without titles and logo, without attractive effects, with maybe the misfortune of capturing a face with a grimace due to the freeze frame. Not a very good look, is it? Knowing that your YouTube thumbnail is part of the referencing of your video, it’s a shame to deprive yourself of this means of communication.

How to make a YouTube thumbnail?

The question you are asking is an interesting one and there are several ways to explore:

  • Do it yourself and discover the following needs:
    • Which software to use?

Regarding the software, the most important are Photoshop, Affinity Photo and Pixelmator, which also exists in a Pro version. You can also get very good results, but less accomplished, with software such as Canva or PowerPoint. The simplest thing is to find the tool that suits you and that allows you to do what you need.

  • The necessary tools

Yes, you have to think about it! You may need a camera, lighting, a special decor or a background…

  • the format of the thumbnail
  • The time

Be careful because creating your vignette can be time consuming. Personally I use the Forest application to manage my time.

  • Creativity

This is an intangible element that is hard to quantify. Having the right idea, for some that can be difficult. Also beware of the great idea you had that may be misperceived.

  • Having it outsourced requires:
    • Specifications or failing that examples, templates.

This will allow your subcontractor to get an idea of your requirement and be able to cost it.

  • The necessary resources, such as choice of images, tagline, titles…
  • a graphic charter to possibly be in line with your communication tools such as your YouTube video, website, brochure, business card…

Tips to know before creating a YouTube thumbnail:

  • The format is 1280×720 pixels in 16:9 for a weight of 2 MB in jpeg or png.
  • Remember that your file must be readable on a smartphone.
  • Choose a quality image, or a clean montage.
  • There is a multitude of software to create your thumbnails, do not get lost
  • In some cases, it is preferable to keep it simple rather than to make image montages worthy of the greatest YouTubers…

In conclusion on YouTube thumbnails

It’s a job and making beautiful YouTube thumbnails takes time, ideas, not to mention experience with software and tools.


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