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Audio, as seen by a composer, sound engineer and sound designer!

Since I was a child, audio, sounds, technologies and know-how in this field have always fascinated me and the composers, sound engineers and sound designers who shape music too. If I had to thank a composer I would say a big thank you to M. Ennio Morricone.

Music composer

Music makes us dream, dance, it has an important and attractive emotional side that never ceases to amaze us, whether through concerts, music videos, film music, series.
Naturally, I started learning music with the drums at the age of 7. This musical training between conservatory and private lessons has been very rich and I could talk about music for hours.
Working on musical composition for cinema with THX or Dolby Atmos technologies adds an important dimension to musical creation. This is one of the reasons why I love music to video. Audio and video have been complementary for many years.
As a composer, producing music is a pure pleasure for me and I work every year on more than 100 titles for clients or for my own production.


From composition through my studies in electronics, I learned the job of sound engineer at a time when the MAO was starting to be talked about on Atari…

For many years, I worked in recording and mixing studios which now no longer exist because the profession of sound engineer has evolved enormously.

With time my job has evolved to respond to customer requests by doing mastering sessions.

Sound Designer

Sculpting sound, imagining audio matter!

Sound creation is a passion, whether it be on a modular synthesizer, with acoustic instruments, from audio recordings, or from sound samples from recording sessions, vinyls, audio cassettes, ambience captured by my portable recorder, or heterogeneous sound effects.

The current tools are cut out for sound design, sampling and it is not for nothing that I work my own sound banks in Logic Pro, Ableton Live and Wavelab.

My experience at your service

Music production as a whole, and not only in the electronic music scene, has taken off in the last 20 years thanks to computer music and what is called computer assisted music, but making music is not as simple as it seems…

Producing music in one’s home studio or in a recording studio can be difficult, and require time, energy and investment in courses to learn how to play an instrument, to program MIDI clips or in MAO training, not to mention the hardware whether virtual or physical.

Collaboration with other people in the business can be important as a musician for example for recording, mixing, promoting his music, distributing it on streaming platforms and online sales. Communication is important in addition to his musical activity in the studio and in concerts.

This is one of the reasons why my skills have expanded over the course of my professional experience towards video editing for video clips, website creation, graphic design and photography.

Discover my audio services

Musical Composition

Service composition musicale

Mixing and mastering

Services mixage et mastering

Podcast editing

Service réalisation de podcast

How do you help in your musical activity?

My job is to help you in your creative process so you can have the best sound quality!

Do you have any large-scale musical projects?

Maybe you are not in the music business but your needs are related to events for example:

  • Director or producer you need a film music composer.
  • Director of a label you are looking for a sound engineer for your productions with all the equipment for the mixing and mastering work.
  • Music supervisor you are looking for compositions to place in TV series.
  • You are a video game development studio in need of music or sound design.
 For ambitious requests such as the composition of a film score, I do not hesitate to travel and to collaborate with all the people necessary for the success of the project. I answer your request to discover your project, to look together at the axis of sound creation corresponding to your need to establish together the specifications, the management of the costs, the schedule and the deadline of realization.

How to be useful on a smaller scale?

You are a musician, self-employed, manager of a small business, of a very small company. Owner of a Start-Up, I can intervene for punctual or regular actions as :

  • The sound illustration of your YouTube channel through sound effects, a soundtrack.
  • The recording in studio of musicians, voiceover…
  • The realization of a Single – EP – LP. From your demos, or an extract or your specifications, I realize your musical composition, your mixing and or your mastering in stereo.
  • The musical creation of instrumental tracks.
  • The audio mixing of your music in digital and analog in all musical styles such as Electro, Rap, Trap, Dance, Hip-Hop, Epic…
  • The mastering of your tracks from your digital and analog mixes.
  • Audio editing of an interview, or audio cleaning of audio capture.
  • Editing your audio podcast, editing the voices, publishing it online on specialized aggregators such as Acast or Anchor for publication on platforms such as Spotify, Apple music…
  • The sound system of meetings, events…
  • The realization of sound effects or sound design for a short or feature film.
  • The recording of a sample and an acoustic sound, soundscapes.
  • MAO courses for beginners or confirmed to deepen the sound recording, the use of the sequencers also called Daw or Stan, your plug-ins Vst – Vsti or Audio Unit, virtual instruments, or synthesizer, your drum machine, learn to make arrangement, rhythmic drums and percussion, harmonization, or mix with perhaps the management of your real or virtual mixing desk. And also for the choice of the material, microphone, sound card, your midi keyboard, the midi controllers, the Native Instruments products and or the Push 2 of Ableton…
  • Audio file cleaning and enhancement.

How to work on audio together?

With the advent of Covid, I made the decision to work in my own music studio and offer :

From your specifications, a brief on Google Meet or Zoom. We just need a good internet connection with good bandwidth to exchange documents, audio files, videos or projects containing your audio tracks.

In which production studio do I work?

My recording, mixing and mastering studio is equipped with analog and digital equipment to respond to a number of cases for a careful work of the audio signal, a sound rendering of high audio quality in the respect of musicality.

The quality of my peripherals is on the whole audio chain with professional Genelec monitoring, good preamplifier like SSL, Neve, physical and virtual synthesizers, audio plug-ins, software instruments and a good park of microphones are to be discovered on the page multimedia studio.

Without forgetting my vinyl turntable and sound banks for high end audio compositions!

Sound engineer on the move?

In case I have to move, my tools of choice are Logic Pro, Ableton Live on Mac OS X with an audio interface with good digital converters like Universal Audio and MIDI controllers like Push 2 or Komplet Kontrol from Native Instruments.

I answer present to your requests. Passionate and listening, do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your project.

I invite you to discover my works on the page musical productions or listening to music on my Spotify playlist.

Not to mention my audio blog where you’ll find advice on Apple’s Logic Pro or Ableton’s Live, tips and tricks.

The Blog of the musical creation studio

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