Audio, as seen by a composer, sound engineer and sound designer!

Audio offers

On-line mixing

Discover my mixing offers
for your Single - EP - LP

From 2 to 48 tracks
audio in wav format

YouTube Music

Your YouTube channel
Your music!

I compose your music
for your channel's skin


Your quality mastering
in analog and digital

I make your master
for your Single - EP - LP

Sound design

Would you like to have
professional sound effects and jingles?

From your videos
I make your sound design

Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by the sounds, technologies and know-how of this field.

Music makes us dream, dance, it has an important and attractive emotional side that never ceases to amaze us, whether through concerts, music videos, or film scores.

Of course, I have been a musician since I was 7 years old and I could talk about music for hours.

Working with music can be difficult, and requires time, energy and investment in lessons to learn how to play an instrument or in MAO training, without forgetting the material.

How do I work with audio?

My job is to help you in your creative process!

From your demos, or an extract or your specifications, I realize your musical composition, your mixing and or your mastering. It can also be sound design for your videos. All you need is a good internet connection to exchange files.

You only have the text, no melody and a vague idea of the musical style?

Don’t panic, I can help you as a composer.

It can be for :

  • The sound illustration of your YouTube channel
  • The realization of a Single – EP – LP
  • The mixing of your music
  • The mastering of your tracks
  • The audio editing of an interview
  • The editing of your podcast
  • The realization of sound effects for a short or long film.
And don’t forget my blog where you’ll find advice on Apple’s Logic Pro or Ableton’s Live, tips and tricks.

The Blog of the musical creation studio

Tips and tricks of a composer - Technique of a sound engineer - Manufacturing secret with a sound designer


Dj's composer
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To meet the requirement of the masters that we want, we call upon Francis, professionalism and quality at each session.
Marcus de Sylvania
Marcus de Sylvania
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An incredible experience for the realization of a classical guitar album where Francis put his talent at the service of my music.
Jack Perry
Jack Perry
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I asked Francis to train me on Logic Pro X software. He's a top trainer I recommend him to you !!!
Bruno R
Bruno R
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For 12 years now, I realize with Francis my mixes and my masterings, he brings me an attentive ear, and very good advices...