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Computer music Blog

My Computer music blog on composing, mixing and mastering

Computer music blog

Welcome to my Computer-Aided Music Blog! Yes, C.A.M. is part of my DNA.

Although I started composing by recording my first tracks on a tape recorder, I soon discovered the possibilities and advantages offered by computer-assisted music with what we now call a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).


Who is this computer music blog for?

To composers, musicians, sound engineers and sound designers, all those who practice music as amateurs, beginners, experts or professionals. My editorial content on computer-assisted music is adapted to everyone through a popularization and, if possible, a translation of the terms and anglicisms used in the world of CAM.

What will we talk about in this C.A.M blog?

My articles and information will cover the following subjects:

Logic Pro

Apple’s Logic Pro is software that I have mastered to perfection.

For those who know me, I was the first Apple Mentor Trainer in France.

We’ll be talking about music creation, sound experimentation, workflow, virtual instruments and, of course, music production.

How to create music in Logic Pro, according to musical style.

How to integrate Logic Pro into your home studio, or recording studio, and the tools and controllers that revolve around Logic Pro, not forgetting notation and scores, as well as updates to this super tool for producing music…

Ableton Live, a sequencer out of the ordinary, because for me it represents the ultimate workstation for sampling and sound design, as well as a powerful ally for live performance.

In my articles, I cover the tools contained in the Suite version, sound banks and sound design, and the concept and philosophy of Live software.

How to make music with audio and midi clips, the Push 2 midi controller for controlling Ableton Live without looking at your screen, whether you’re composing, arranging or mixing. Vsti management, editing audio tracks.

How Ableton Live can be integrated into your music studio and collaborate with other software or applications.

My Home Studio Tips and Tricks cover topics related to music composition, recording in the studio or on location, CAM and software such as Native Instruments and third-party plug-ins.

I also talk about tools such as sound cards, microphones, preamps and analog peripherals like nomadic recorders, which I use regularly. I also explain how to use a physical or virtual synthesizer, midi keyboards, and how to use instruments such as drums in your compositions, depending on the musical genre.

I also talk about setting up your own home studio, sound recording and sound design.


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