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My podcast editing service! Record, I’ll edit…

Satisfied customers 2022/2023
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They trust my podcast editing services

What is a podcast?

To understand the term podcast, it’s a format of recorded audio programs presented in the form of episodes published on a weekly or monthly basis.

Podcast production requires a wide range of skills.

One of the many advantages of podcasts is that they can be listened to at different times, depending on your professional or personal schedule.

Podcast format

It’s not a format like you’d find on radio or web radio, where programs are broadcast live.

Podcast episodes can be streamed or downloaded for later listening, for example while at the gym or on the bus or train.

You can listen to audio on your Ios or Android smartphone, computer or tablet via specific apps, or with apps from audio service platforms such as Spotify.

Over time

Podcasting is becoming an extremely popular medium, and listeners are subscribing to it all by themselves…

It’s not for nothing that radio stations offer their programs in podcast format.

Because running a podcast app to listen to your show whenever you want provides an additional listening channel and builds audience loyalty.

Now imagine:

Podcasting, as part of your marketing strategy, useful for your profession as a coach, artist, self-employed entrepreneur, owner of a small or medium-sized business, CEO of a start-up or director of a training organization.

Informing your customers and generating leads around your passion and your brand is within your grasp – all you have to do is become a Podcaster and build a loyal following of listeners!

I recommend you read the article published in my blog: “Why make a Podcast?“.

Because a podcast can be used in your WordPress blog as an audio file, as well as a transcription or retranscription for SEO purposes!

This means you and your subscribers benefit from a quality audience…

As of 2022, there are over 850,000 active podcasts worldwide, representing some 30 million episodes!

And the podcast format appeals enormously, with its ability to be heard on different apps at any time, as well as the creation of playlists for listening to, replaying and sharing a program.

How to make a podcast?

Making your own podcast requires time, equipment and knowledge of audio, not to mention mastery of the sound editing software you want to use on Mac or PC.

Creating a podcast therefore requires time and resources that you may wish to delegate for lack of skills or time, or both.

Where to start?

Start by familiarizing yourself with this format by listening to Podcasts, radio programs, reports or documentaries – subscribe to RSS feeds…

Then choose a subject and a format. (Interview, report, give advice on a subject, answer a question, introduce your brand…) Depending on your buyer persona and your market.

You can create as many theme shows as you like.

Each theme will have its own publication frequency and episodes.

Steps in creating an audio podcast

Podcast production begins with the choice of royalty-free music to dress up your podcast and a voice recording of yourself or an interview depending on your subject.

Easily achieved, this starting point for the sound creation of your episode will then require additional work to obtain a result that can be broadcast on podcast platforms.

Don't know how to record your podcast?

Don’t panic, through a meeting with Zoom I’ll explain how to proceed and make your own recordings.

I bring you my experience in choosing a microphone, sound recording, digital recorder or the software to use to make your recordings, and this for all budgets, even if you want to invest in a long-term working solution.

What do I do once I've found the music and the recording?

After making your audio recordings :

  1. The derushing process consists of listening to all your recordings and selecting the ones you want to keep for editing.
  2. Audio editing, what many call the editing stage, consists of arranging audio files, adding effects and sound commas.
  3. Mixing allows you to work on the sound part of each of your podcast’s tracks to obtain a stereo version of the edit.
  4. Mastering is the process of finalizing the sound of your podcast episode according to broadcast standards and audio file formats.
  5. Publication, or if you prefer, uploading to the aggregator of your choice.

Exactly as in music, because we’re in the world of audio, and that requires skills for working with sound.

What would you think if your podcast episodes could be edited in 48 hours?

The aim of the Podcast editing service :

  1. You’ll free up time to develop your business.
  2. You bring high-quality know-how to this field.
  3. Give you the benefit of my studio’s analog and digital equipment.
  4. Obtain sound quality that meets the requirements of the publishing platforms known as Aggregators.

Just wait 48 hours and your episode will be ready to broadcast to your audience in professional quality!

That’s why I’m offering to help you with my online podcast editing service!

What's in my podcast editing service?

The Podcast editing service contains a number of interrelated elements.

  1. Podcast editing according to your specifications.
  2. Cleaning plosives and sibilants.

I don’t offer to clean up your audio tracks when recording remotely, as the mediocrity of the result often makes it impossible to do a quality job when mixing and mastering.

  1. Erase recording errors.
  2. Frequency work on each track with audio equalization.
  3. Dynamics processing with a compressor.
  4. Mixing the podcast.
  5. Podcast mastering in Wav and MP3 formats
  6. An option to publish your audio file, title and presentation text on your Acast, Anchor or Ausha account, whichever platform you have your shows and episodes hosted on.

Standard podcast

A turnkey solution
All that's left to do is publish

50€ the title


Premium podcast

The Contractor's Choice for
saving time

75€ the title

How does the Podcast editing service work?

I work from your audio files recorded at a sampling rate of 44.1kHz – 24 bits in Wav audio format.

The work is done in my production studio, I receive your files over the internet via various file sending solutions such as Google Drive, WeTransfer or Dropbox.

Then, after importing your audio files into Logic Pro, the audio editing software, I move on to the stage of editing your sounds and audio clips according to your instructions, making precise cuts, working on fades, retouching according to listening fluidity.

To continue, I’ll move on to the mixing.

Once the mix is complete, mastering is carried out on WaveLab 11.

Documents to be supplied for the Podcast editing service :

Audio files with a maximum level of -3dB. Audio files must be in 44.1 kHz – 24 bit WAV audio format.

  • The audio documents of your podcast episode.
  • Timing of elements to be deleted in text format.
  • Music for intro and outro with tempo (BPM).
    • For those who don’t have an intro and outro, we can create one for you from the music for which you have the rights.
  • If you’re delivering audio files in compressed Wma, Flac, Ogg, Aac or M4a formats, converting them into Wav format may result in a loss of quality that alters the audio rendering to be delivered.
  • If you have high-resolution 96 kHz, 32-bit files, please contact me before placing your order.

To produce your podcast, you can send me the documents via Dropbox – Google Drive – WeTransfer or any other solution at your convenience.

Conditions for the Podcast editing service :

  • Maximum number of tracks: 4 stereo tracks or 8 mono tracks.
  • Maximum number of revisions: depends on the service selected.
  • Maximum episode length: 1 hour.
  • File format delivered in 2 audio formats :
    • 1 stereo file in WAV 44.1kHz – 24-bit format.
    • 1 stereo file in MP3 320 kbps format for aggregators such as Acast, Anchor…

Delivery time for the Podcast production service: 48 working hours from receipt of the order and the download link for all files validated by e-mail.

Interview Podcast

After mastering, I’ll export the audio files for you to listen to and wait for your approval.

The option of scheduling publication of the episode at a specific date and time via the aggregator you have chosen is possible according to terms to be defined together.

Would you like to produce your podcast episodes over the long term?

For example, a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly publication?

As part of your publishing strategy, I invite you to contact me to discuss your podcasting strategy.

Working on a long-term basis, we can provide you with a tailor-made quotation, depending on the volume of work involved.


As a sound engineer, I’ve been working in the audio field for 30 years.

My recording, mixing and mastering studio has evolved with time and technology to become a fully-fledged production studio.

With over 100 published Podcasts to my credit, my knowledge, analog peripherals, editing software, audio editors, processing and effects plug-ins, make it possible to obtain audio quality worthy of the biggest studios at a reasonable price.

Thanks to my know-how, based on the best of digital and analog, you’ll benefit from quality episodes on podcast apps as well as on broadcasters such as Spotify, iTunes and many others.

My clients choose the Podcast Production service for : The time I save – The sound quality – The price – The way I listen to their project – The availability – The friendliness – The professionalism – The efficiency – The results – The audio and editing tools I use – The voice quality – The digital audio file formats delivered. Audio file delivery times – Long-term option.

Testimonials from customers of my podcast production service!

Alexis Eve
Alexis Eve
Read More
Francis has been editing podcasts for Yaniro since 2019! Seriousness, professionalism and quality delivery of episodes, right through to publication! It's a major time-saver for Yaniro!

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