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Music composition services !

My music composition services are tailored to your needs, from basic to professional.

Satisfied customers 2022/2023
Composition musicale
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They trust my music composition services

Immerse yourself in my world of music composition, where chords meet melody to give birth to daring pieces.

Thanks to my expertise in harmonization and orchestration, I can offer you a tailor-made service to meet all your musical aspirations.

Whether an ephemeral melody touches your mind or a complex musical theme germinates within you, I’m here to give it body and soul.

From the subtle adagio with its delicate nuances to the frenzied allegro, my ambition is to faithfully reproduce your sound and musical vision.

In the course of our collaboration, I’ll introduce you to the subtleties of modulation, the magic of tonal transitions and the richness of my sound palette.

I will meticulously approach each bar, each crescendo, to ensure that the composition accurately reflects the emotion you wish to convey.

Whether your heart is set on a melancholy ballad or a vast symphony, my expertise in arranging and instrumentation will be at your service.

With me, every nuance, every tone, is carefully studied to enhance the central theme of the music composition.

For me, composition transcends simple notes and staves. It’s the art of weaving an emotional atmosphere, a fresco of nuances, an epic of sonorities.

Let me make your music come alive, let your melody permeate the souls of your listeners.

Every composition is a story, an adventure. And every step of the way, from the first melodic sketch to the final orchestration, I’m committed to being at your side.

Whether you prefer classical, jazz, pop or any other genre, I’ll adapt to your wishes and offer you a musical composition that meets your expectations.

My state-of-the-art music composition studio is the place where your vision comes to life.

The arrangement, the orchestration, everything is meticulously thought out to achieve perfect harmony.

I put my expertise and know-how as a composer at your service, as well as my technical skills.

Are you influenced by genres such as rap, trap, techno and dance?

Rather than relying primarily on traditional acoustic instruments, these genres exploit digital technology, synthesizers, drum machines and music production software to generate innovative, hard-hitting sounds.

Rap and trap, for example, are musical forms that often fuse poetic, provocative lyrics with heavy bass and heady melodies, creating a unique sonic canvas that tells stories of urban life, aspirations and challenges.

Techno and dance, on the other hand, focus on the creation of electronic ambiences, often hypnotic, designed to immerse the listener in a rhythmic trance.

Looking for instrumental music?

Writing epic music is an artistic pursuit that aims to arouse grandiose emotions and transport the listener to distant worlds, legendary battles or heroic moments.

Composing one of these works often uses a wide range of instruments, such as powerful string ensembles, resounding percussion and angelic choirs, to create an atmosphere that is both dramatic and inspiring.

Music for a new century, in which orchestral elements intermingle with recurring melodic motifs, synthetic bass and the modern sounds of computer music.

I use all the musical tools like rhythm, sudden crescendos, haunting harmonies and complex arrangements to build narrative tension, immersing the listener in a deep emotional journey.

Whether accompanying films*, video games* or live performances*, epic music is conceived with a notion that awakens the soul, recalling the exploits, tragedies and triumphs of legends ancient and modern.

Important point: Rest assured, I’m perfectly at ease composing in these musical styles!

The music production process doesn’t stop with the composition, and vocal recording is available on quotation.

I also offer a mixing and mastering service to ensure that the final track is carefully crafted and ready for use on both streaming platforms and CDs.

Need a melody that suits your style?

Music is much more than just a soundtrack: it’s the heart and soul of any project.

Choosing the right composer is crucial.

With my experience and passion for music composition, I’m committed to being that composer for you.

What is a music composition?

Musical composition is the art of creating a piece of music by organizing notes, rhythms, harmonies, and sometimes lyrics, into a coherent structure to evoke specific emotions or ideas.

Why is my music composition service unique?

créativité musicale

Unparalleled creativity

I bring a unique touch of musical creativity to each project, creating works that stand out from the crowd.

Composition musicale personnalisée

Full customization

I understand that every project is unique.

My service is fully customizable to meet your specific needs, from musical style to instrumentation.

Service composition Premium

Cutting-edge technology

By using the latest technologies, sound banks and composition software, such as Logic Pro, I can guarantee sound quality and professional production.

Need original music?

Music is a vital element of any multimedia project, whether it’s a song for yourself, your communication, or even a corporate presentation.

Finding the right composer with the right service can be confusing and overwhelming.

You may be wondering:

  • Where can I find a reliable composer?
  • How can I be sure that the musical composition will suit my project?
  • What about costs and licensing?
  • How can I be sure that the quality will be there?

An important rule: music is essential to your project, and choosing the wrong music or an inexperienced composer can have disastrous consequences, for example:

  • Inappropriate music can distract from your main message.
  • Quality problems can give an unprofessional impression.
  • Delays and miscommunications can jeopardize your project deadlines.

What solutions can I offer for your music composition?

Fast delivery

I understand the importance of deadlines and am committed to delivering your music composition on time, without compromising quality.

Flexible pricing

With options ranging from basic to premium, you have packages to suit different budgets, with no hidden charges.

Revisions Included

I include a number of revisions in each music composition offering to ensure that the end result matches your expectations.


For simple projects and
limited budgets

75€ the title


An intermediate solution for
more complex requirements

99€ the title



Professional Choice for
superior quality

199€ the title

Who can benefit from my music composition offer?

  • Artists and Musicians: For original compositions or arrangements.
  • Podcast Production for opening and closing themes.
  • YouTube channels and Content Creators: for background music and intros/outros.
  • Event and Wedding Planner: For customized music for special events.
  • Tourist agencies and hotels: For promotional videos and presentations.
  • Charities and Non-Profit Organizations: For awareness-raising videos and fundraising campaigns.
  • Architects and interior designers: for virtual presentations and 3D tours.
  • Individuals: For personal projects, gifts, celebrations, etc.

The musical composition offer is inappropriate if :

  • Film and Documentary Director: For soundtracks and musical themes.
  • Commercial Producers: For jingles and background music for commercials.
  • Video Game Developers: For immersive game music and sound effects.
  • Marketing and Advertising Agencies: For promotional campaigns and multimedia content.
  • Theaters and Dance Companies: For live performances and shows.
  • Technology and Applications Companies: For user interface sounds and background music.
  • Authors and Publishers: For audio books and musical narrations.
  • Fitness centers and yoga instructors: for background music and relaxation.

Compare the 3 musical composition offers!

Instruments maximum41014
Composition from your recordingsx2 fichiers max6 fichiers max
Maximum duration of the titlemax. 3 minutesmax. 5 minutesmax. 10 minutes
Number of titles111
MixxDigitalAnalog and digital
MasteringxDigitalAnalog and digital
Access to my sound library
Analog equipmentx
HQ audio files
Audio FormatsWAV 24-bit 44.1Khz and MP3 320KbpsWAV 24-bit 44.1Khz and MP3 320KbpsWAV 24-bit 44.1Khz and MP3 320Kbps
Delivery time24h48h72h
99 €

From the classical era to modern and electro music, the methods for creating music have evolved, but the essence remains the same.

The art of composing music is complex and requires real know-how.

The music is vast, ranging from melodic pieces to film soundtracks. A composer’s job is not only to make music, but also to understand different genres and adapt his creation to the target audience.

Today, music composition has been made easier with technology, enabling composers to produce songs efficiently, but inspiration and know-how must not be forgotten.

My customers are raving about my music composition service!

Jack Perry
Jack Perry
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I asked Francis to create a musical composition with me. He's a composer who listens and is not stingy with his proposals. I will use his service again!

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