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|Multimedia Creation|

Video editing

Video, an exciting world in perpetual evolution!

Since the beginning of cinematographic creation, technologies, know-how and special effects never cease to surprise us with their ingenuity.
Cinema has this attractive visual side that never ceases to amaze us, whether it is with beautiful landscapes, breathtaking scenes or old monsters or aliens coming from the depths of space to entertain us.

Freelance video editor

As you may already know, I’m a fan of artists who have shaped sound to image. Naturally, I came to video first through soundtrack making and then got into editing and filming and it’s even easier on the Mac. From my sound experiences, I moved on to other experiences such as editing on a timeline I started on iMovie to quickly move on to Final Cut and Premiere which reminds me of some work on audio software. I learned about formats, codecs, post-production, file importing and of course exporting without forgetting color grading, video effects, transitions, overlay, titling and subtitles! Of course, I don’t forget the sound and audio tracks part with the work of audio effects, music composition, mixing and mastering of the sound to the image.
Working on a video can take time, energy and material investment. But I reassure you that my workflow combined with the power of any video editing software allows me to produce any type of professional quality document.

My process in the video?

My job is to help you save time with editing software! Because digital editing not only simplifies the production, but also allows you to obtain professional results quickly. From your media, rushes, and your storyboard or your specifications, I realize your editing. We call this online editing. All you need is a good internet connection to exchange files. You don’t have rushes, storyboard and a vague brief?

Don’t panic, I can also shoot your shots and bring you my know-how for the shooting of your videos or provide you with stock-shots.
This can be for:

  • Your YouTube channel editing, effects, thumbnail
  • The realization of a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) your advertising in theaters,
  • For your company:
    • In the form of a presentation of your team, your services, your products.
  • Your online training in the form of a tutorial.
  • Product presentation for a website,
  • Make a montage of your CV, an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for artists,
  • An interview,
  • Recipes for cooking,
  • Visiting apartments or houses,
  • Retouching on already created files
  • The shooting and editing of a music for broadcasting…
  • From distance learning to beginner’s editing courses, such as importing the camcorder, understanding your video editor, image cutting, the editing table, visual effects, keyboard shortcuts, video formats to save time and optimize your audiovisual production. For more information please send me a message through the contact me page…

Video editing

Sophie de Ré

Presentation of the manufacture of napkin rings

Editing, animation and effects


Electronic Press Kit made for the artist WAB

Recording, editing, animation and effects

Les Tutos de Francis

Tutorials for my YouTube channel

Editing, animation and effects

Démo audio

Video demo of my composition, mixing and mastering services

Editing, animation and effects

Déménagement BLB

Presentation of a professional moving company

Music creation, recording and mixing


TO XIII fashion show for the 2014 Collection

Recording, editing, animation and effects

The material

Panasonic Lumix GH5

Panasonic Lumix GH5 and LEICA 12-60 LENS

I can’t live without my GH5, both camera and stills camera. It is my favorite tool for both indoor shooting and outdoor recording. It is equipped with many accessories to shoot in 4k, not to mention the continuous recording beyond 30 minutes. The icing on the cake is that with the Lumix Tether application, it is possible to work directly with the computer for recording or shooting sessions or to turn the GH5 into a webcam.


Apple’s editing software, Final Cut Pro is a powerful tool with an approach specific to the Cupertino firm. Easy to use, I really appreciate this software for its speed in the production flow that we can have with it. It is one of my favorite tools. I make training Documents with it for my own needs as well as for those of my clients.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro from Adobe is a complete and powerful software that I use with the adobe suite of tools like After Effect, Photoshop, and Audition. I use it for social networks, corporate movies or YouTube clips with a music visualizer created with After Effect.


BACKGROUND and Lighting Kit

3M x 2.6M Backdrop Support System with Backdrop, in 3 colors: White – Green – Black.

Lighting Kit x4 of 800W 5500K

Manfrotto Tripods

Ultra flexible and lightweight camera tripod.

Manfrotto Clamp

Clamp to turn your smartphone into a prompter

Motorized camera cart

Wireless 3-wheel cart with remote control, 3 adjustable speeds to animate shots easily.

Recorder and microphones

For me, this is the versatile portable recorder. Equipped with 2 input capsules that can be changed according to your needs, the H6 offers the possibility to record 6 tracks simultaneously in WAV (BWF) or mp3 format. This with an autonomy of 20h on batteries. Connectable by USB cable on my computer, I use it as an audio interface when I am outside.

DPA Dfine Directional

This small headset microphone is incredible, with impeccable audio quality, light and flexible, it is particularly well suited to capturing speech.

The Video News Blog

Tips and tricks from a specialist


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