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Online mixing and mastering service

Discover my online mixing and mastering service for singles, EPs and albums!

Satisfied customers 2022/2023
Mixing and mastering
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They trust my online mixing and mastering services

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After composing, recording, arranging and editing, your songs are ready to move on to the next level: mixing and mastering!

You’re a songwriter, a DJ and you’ve composed one or two, maybe several tracks, or enough to make an album!

The Importance of Professional Mixing and Mastering

Imagine you have a rough gemstone.

Without the right polish, it will never reveal its true beauty. Your musical composition is that gem.

Mixing and mastering are that polish. Without them, your music will never shine. It risks being lost in the mass, drowned out by thousands of other tracks on streaming platforms.

Have you ever felt this frustration?

You’ve spent hours, days or even weeks perfecting your electronic music, but the end result doesn’t sound as you’d hoped.

Perhaps you’ve even turned to algorithm-based online services, but the mix quality was unsatisfactory, the delivery times for the master endless, and the craftsmanship clearly lacking.

In today’s world, impeccable sound is essential. A poor mix can ruin an otherwise excellent track.

And poor audio mastering?

It can render your song almost inaudible on certain platforms or sound systems. It’s like serving a vintage wine in a plastic cup!

Discover my professional service for singles, EPs and albums!

I understand your passion, your dedication and your need for excellence. That’s why I offer three packages tailored to your musical process.

Your music production can take advantage of my Mixing Mastering service.

My work as a sound engineer in my professional studio saves you time and energy on the mixing and mastering phases of your tracks.

Single offer

For beginners or those who want to test my expertise.

199€ the single

EP Offer

For those who have several songs in preparation.

400€ the EP


LP Offer

For ambitious artists who want a coherent whole.

800€ The LP

*Le format album en version numérique peut contenir plus de 12 pistes à l’instar des versions vinyles ou CD. Ces versions sont limitées en termes de durée d’enregistrement à cause du support physique.

Dans le cas où votre production dépasse les 12 morceaux prenez rendez-vous avant de commander le service pour étudier la faisabilité de votre projet.

What my customers say about my services:

Jack Bo
Jack Bo
Read More
I was skeptical at first, but after hearing the final result... WOW! My single has never sounded so good. Thanks Francis!
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Mixing and mastering are always a headache for me. But with Francis, everything has become simple and efficient. My EP is now on all the streaming platforms and I'm getting great feedback!
DJ Producer
Read More
Francis listens to me and brings me a quality that's important to me. What more could you ask for? I recommend him 100%!

FAQ mixing and mastering

What is mixing

  • This is the job of equalization for processing sounds in the mix, dynamics management, panning for placement in the left-right image, and audio processing via reverb and delay.
  • Treatment of lead and harmonized voices, using Melodyne for correction or effect.
  • Design of synthesizers, digital, analog or virtual keyboards
  • Acoustic or electric guitar processing, distortion, amplifiers or amp simulators.
  • The bass line, whether acoustic, electric or electronic.
  • Correct masking and frequency effects, and manage the phase of your recordings with multiple microphones. Audio track management.
  • Verification of audio editing with digital click detection, work on fade-in and fade-out.
  • Volume automation for clips, arrangements…

What is mastering

  • Mastering is a process that works on the coherence between mixed tracks, the levels of different tracks, loudness, EQ refinement and the management of the left-right balance of master tracks.
  • ISRC codes added.
  • Tag insertion in mastered tracks.

If you require delivery of files in different formats (separate tracks, Stems), please specify this when ordering.

Stems can be exported on request, depending on your project.

Documents for the online Mixing and Mastering service

Please do not send me your music project directly from Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio sessions.

I need your audio files per track with a margin between -6and -3dB, audio data must be in WAV Pcm audio format with a sampling frequency of 44.1 Khz and a depth of 24 bits, file size is not important.

Sound files in Wma Flac, Ogg, Aac, M4a are compressed formats and will not be validated for processing, as converting these audio formats generates a loss of quality that alters the audio quality to be delivered.

If you have high-resolution 96 Khz, 32-bit files, please contact me before placing your order.

Delivery time :

According to the offer on working days upon receipt of the order and the download link for all files validated by e-mail.

Why choose the online Mixing and Mastering service

I’ve been a sound engineer for 30 years, and my recording studio has evolved with the times and technologies to become a mixing studio as well as a mastering studio.

With over 200 titles to my credit, my know-how and mastery of audio processing, summing and monitoring tools enable me to achieve audio quality worthy of the biggest studios without paying the price. Thanks to my audio technique based on the best of digital and analog, I’ve been able to optimize the mastering process and offer a service that’s accessible to all.

My customers choose this service for :

The sound quality – The price – The way I listen to their project – The availability – The friendliness – The professionalism – The efficiency – The results – The audio and editing tools I use – The digital audio file formats – The follow-up with the aggregator for uploading to streaming platforms.

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