Musical Productions

Find to the purchase in format LP, EP et Singles in the styles Dance, Electro, Hardstyle or Hip hop, the musics which I composed according to the musical genre, alone or in collaboration with others artists.

To make you discover my musical productions realized under different names of artists according to the style of music.

On this page you will have access to all the titles by release date without the classification of musical styles and artist name.

Musical productions by artists and musical genres

For all that is :

  • Specific to the dancefloor such as Dance, Electro, Techno, Trance, Minimal, House I recommend you to listen to the tracks of Frank Ten which are part of the electronic music.
  • From urban culture like Hip-Hop, Trap, Trip Hop, Urban Style, the albums and singles under the pseudo M36 will be to discover as my first album of instrumental music to inspire rappers.
  • Hard Style, place your ears on the side of Hollow Tek.
  • In the type of music EPIC under the name Zero Degrees, for music to image, video TV, cinema.
  • Francis Baconnet for my more classical or personal projects for the sound banks and the works of Rework, Remix or Edit. These terms are used to rework, according to commercial agreements of the titles of musicians or authors, of Djs or requests of Label. Under my name I can’t talk about a musical style, but about a set of combination! Between Epic music, French Touch, a mixture of different types of music based on rock, blues, funk, jazz, groove. Where I develop my drumming technique with acoustic percussion or from electronic music, vinyl turntables or outdoor recordings combined with sounds that can be from House music, pop, folk or classical music.

Small glossary to shine in the evening…


Very frequently it is an order made by a DJ, a producer for a label. In the term Remix, the work consists in being different from the title by exploiting different sections of the song and isolating certain tracks or frequency bands to elaborate a very different or purified version of the original version. A lot of the remixes I’ve been involved with have been commissioned by labels.


Which comes from the term “Editing” in English or “Édition” in French. When we speak about Edit, it is often to lengthen the most dancing part of the title. These edits made on the stereo tracks of the song have their origins in disco or funk in the 70s. A break, a bridge or an intro is cut. The DJ has to find the right sections or musical part to stretch the track to make it last longer. In an Edit, there is no transformation process.


It is a mix of Remix and Edit in the same style as the original with a touch of Electro where the original work is edited then remixed. From my point of view the Rework allows me to propose different versions of the same title or to sublimate a vocal or musical part of an artist with whom I work and to go further I do not confine the Reworking to the Electro sauce, but also to the Trap, to the Hip-Hop, to the Rap, to the Slam to the Soul to the Rnb or to the Trip Hop because it is the collaboration between composers, musicians and artists

Discover my services in musical productions

I realize your musical productions in all musical styles, your arrangements, your drum or percussion section which is called rhythmic, the custom creation of your music by a professional expert for 25 years. Whether it is for the musical composition of the mixing, the audio mastering, if you need a complete management of your composition, together we work all the stages of musical productions of your album, single or EP.

Music production studio

Much more than a recording studio, I invite you to discover the equipment I use such as Logic Pro the software of MAO for the composition, the mixing, my synthesizers, my master keyboard, drum machine, sampler, compressor and equalizer for the composition, the mixing or the audio mastering, I invite you to consult the studio page. You will also find there the list of microphones and preamplifier with tube or transistor that I use for singers, musicians: acoustic or electric guitarist, accordionist…

How to sell your musical productions?

For this kind of question on the commercial and communication part because it is legitimate to ask it, do not hesitate to contact me. I will advise you on the steps to take for the sale, the streaming, the public to target if you wish to make concerts, to play live in a festival without forgetting the diffusion on the radios and how to prepare its video clips…

Want to follow me musically?

You want to follow me musically to discover my new tracks, singles, albums, EPs and my sound ambiances. You can follow me on Spotify through my playlist which lists all my creations in different musical genres by clicking on the button below.

This playlist gathers all the musics that I realized as a composer in all the styles with various pseudos but also produced musically and financially.

This playlist does not include collaborations where I intervene as a beatmaker, musician, sound engineer. To discover the whole of my works I invite you to consult the page of the realized works.