Discover Final Cut Pro !

Final Cut Pro

An video editing program for professionals and individuals Final Cut Pro is a virtual non-linear editing software, also called FCP. This application allows any user, professional or private, to work on the post-production of videos. The program offers a wide range of functions: editing, adding effects, transitions, text, audio and colors. It assures its users […]

6 stock shot sites to discover!

Stock shot

Recently I had a video editing job to do for a client regarding an order for product videos for Amazon. I found myself with a script, text, photos, all to animate in a commercial way to create the desire to buy the products but the client had not included a stock shot! From my point […]

To know about Youtube thumbnails

youtube thumbnails

An indispensable element in the world of video on Youtube, the so-called “YouTube thumbnails” is a simple way to optimize the visibility of your video presentation, your Vlog or the description of a product and thus increase its number of views. The origin: At first it was also called the thumbnail, but its real name […]