Immersive film: pure marketing or unforgettable experience?

immersive film

A few years ago, the word “interactive” was all the rage and was used everywhere, such as in video games, and even babies were expected to have an interactive experience through their toys. Nowadays, the word that marketing departments of all video equipment brands adore is “immersive“. Almost every year at Christmas, a new technology […]

Adobe Premiere Pro Overview

Adobe Premiere Pro

Last month, I introduced you to Final Cut Pro video editing software. This month, let me introduce you to Adobe Premiere Pro The most widely used video editing program in the world, Adobe Premiere Pro is a recognized program in the professional video community. It offers everything you need for editing, with automatic subtitle creation, […]

Discover Final Cut Pro !

Final Cut Pro

An video editing program for professionals and individuals Final Cut Pro is a virtual non-linear editing software, also called FCP. This application allows any user, professional or private, to work on the post-production of videos. The program offers a wide range of functions: editing, adding effects, transitions, text, audio and colors. It assures its users […]

6 stock shot sites to discover!

Stock shot

Recently I had a video editing job to do for a client regarding an order for product videos for Amazon. I found myself with a script, text, photos, all to animate in a commercial way to create the desire to buy the products but the client had not included a stock shot! From my point […]

To know about Youtube thumbnails

youtube thumbnails

An indispensable element in the world of video on Youtube, the so-called “YouTube thumbnails” is a simple way to optimize the visibility of your video presentation, your Vlog or the description of a product and thus increase its number of views. The origin: At first it was also called the thumbnail, but its real name […]